AiDa  Testimonials

"I have been in broadcasting in Hamilton for almost 30 years and I have met many talented people in this community, Kaime Sherman is on of those unique talents that is bursting to share it with the world and more importantly young talents in this city. I am in awe of this woman's drive and determination to the arts for youth of Hamilton."

Sunni Genesco Co-Host 102.9 K-Lite FM

Hamilton, Ontario

"Kaime keep sharing your positive infectious spirit with the world."

Dr. David Laing Dawson; author, director, filmmaker, owner Gallery on the Bay

Hamilton, Ontario

"Kaime's enthusiasm is infectious! My 6 year old son and 10 year old daughter had an absolute blast at AiDa's March Break Camp. They're excited to be joining Drama Workshop Tuesdays and to return for more camp fun this summer."

Rachael Amy Shay

Hamilton, Ontario

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"We had Kaime in our class for two full periods. With her energy and contagious enthusiasm, she quickly established a rapport with the students that allowed her to have fun with them while maintaining control of the class. She took them through a variety of activities that everyone loved (even the shy students) that not only worked on some skills needed for drama, but that also increased self-confidence and resulted in team building. A great experience for everyone and we're hoping to have her back soon!"

Paul Gilchrist, HWDSB Grade 6 teacher

Hamilton, Ontario

"Thank you Kaime for these incredible opportunities with your beautiful program you created for us. We are so lucky to have you."

Rabbi Daniel Green: Hamilton Hebrew Academy

Hamilton, Ontario

"We had 3 kids there all week, and hands down they said this was the best camp they have ever been to (between them, they have been to at least 10 others)! The whole vibe was about fairness and respect and fun. Kaime truly believes in what she does and it shows. We would recommend it to anyone who has a child who likes to use their imagination!"

Rita Steinberg

Hamilton, Ontario

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Aida provides a caring and creative outlet for the child.  It is also located in a fabulous setting with both a beautiful park and access to Cootes Paradise virtually at it's doorstep.  The camp allows children to express  themselves unimpeded.  Drama games and improv are the norm.  Artistic expression is always encouraged.  No idea or feeling is too small or too silly.  Children are encouraged to be themselves and develop there inner creative spirit. 

My son, 10 years old,  thoroughly enjoyed his time at Aida.  Aida has nurtured his inner soul.  A question asked at school.  Did you like the film or the book better for the Bridge to Teribithia?  I was surprised that he chose the book.  He told me that Aida let him create the monsters and the heroes in HIS mind.  I was so impressed with his answer and even more impressed with his reasoning.

The mentors at Aida were from a diverse background that really represented the mosaic that represents Canadian society.  They were caring, consoling when needed, expressive, and an invaluable part of the camp experience.  One of the campers was vegan and brought in some nutritional and extremely delicious snacks. They were always ready to greet and welcome each child in the morning with enthusiasm.  They made you feel special. 

My son loved Aida, the new friends he made, and the experiences he had were ever present. He was truly excited about going to camp each and every day.  His fellow campers made fast friends.  He observed that some of the campers were very shy, but the Aida environment had them talking to fellow campers within the hour.  No one was ever afraid of asking Kaime anything as she would never make you feel bad about yourself or get mad at you. (HIS words) He never tired of the camp experience.  When it was over he was sad, sad that he would not see Kaime's warm smile, ever enthusiastic voice, and her enduring energy and spirit every day.  He can hardly wait until next summer, because it is a great camp and he would not miss it for the world.

S. Downs: retired HWDSB teacher

Dundas, Ontario

AiDa is one of the best summer camps I have gotten to be a part of. Everyone is so loving, happy and excited to come to AiDa everyday. As a volunteer and Summer Co-Op Student for HWDSB I have never been more comfortable, welcomed, and excited to come to AiDa everyday.The mentors are very friendly and talk to everyone with so much respect. Kaime is always so positive and always has a smile on her face. I personally have never seen anyone as positive and loving as her!

The drama games and crafts Kaime sets up are so much fun to do. Everyone gets so excited and happy to be a part of camp. If you are looking for a fun and safe camp AiDa would be a great option and your kids are guaranteed to have a great time at camp!

Mays Al-Soofi HWDSB CO-OP Student

Hamilton, Ontario

My 10 year old son and I had the pleasure of meeting Kaime and her amazing team of teen mentors this summer when he attended AiDa Summer Camp. We were not disappointed! My son can be a little quiet and can get lost in a sea of more outgoing kids. From the first minute we arrived and Kaime met us at the door, I knew we chose a great place for him to grow and come out of his shell. Kaime has a passion for her works that is uncommon. She is fulfilling her dream of helping kids to grow through dramatic arts and it shows and that spark is infectious! We will definitely be returning to AiDa!

Dan Fu

Ancaster, Ontario

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My 3 kids had a wonderful time at AIDA camp this summer! Kaime and her team were enthusiastic, warm, supportive, and flexible with their programming to accommodate the different interests of the kids ages 5 to 11. I have already recommended this camp to friends.

Vernonica Sylvester Riemer

Hamilton, Ontario

Kaime makes such a beautiful connection with kids and many of us have been with her for years!

There are so many valuable lessons for kids by studying drama (communication, working with others, creativity, and more!) and Kaime does an amazing job at encouraging and guiding each child to SHINE!

Bomberry Middy

Hamilton, Ontario

AIDA is an awesome and inspirational drama school! The hard work, love and dedication that Kaime Sherman puts into her work is truly amazing. Being a volunteer and Mentor Leader I got to see the joy, fun, respect and happiness that AIDA is all about. Kids that come to AIDA are always sad to leave but so excited when they return! I recommend Kaime Sherman and Academy of Imagination & Dramatic Arts to all parents looking for a fun safe place for their children to learn amazing drama skills and explore their creativity! 

Holli Houser

Hamilton, Ontario