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Mentor Leaders (ML)& Mentor Leader in Training (MLT's)


AiDa Mentor | Leader  youth initiative is for grades 9-12 offers an opportunity to make a difference to a child, while exploring creativity, gain confidence, life skills and earn community service credit.  An MLT is age 13 and in training to become an ML the following year. AiDa is community building with focus on collaboration, communication, inclusion and leadership with activities and challenges through dramatic arts.

EXPECTATIONS: to have a positive attitude, passion for the arts, enjoy working with kids and display ability to encourage students to be co-operative, inclusive, kind, emphatic and compassionate to others. Demonstrate commitment in attendance and have a desire to be a team player and make a difference in a creative, safe environment. *No Drama experience necessary.

WHAT AN MLT WOULD LEARN: confidence, leadership and life skills while improving communication skills. MLT's learn how to assist and lead in hands on individual and team building activities, arts, crafts, drama games, improvisations, creative writing of monologues, once act plays and scene study. Creativity is inspired through mindfulness, self-discovery, creative expression and acting styles. MLT's organize, lead and engage in indoor-outdoor physical play and nature hikes (during camps) and develop skills to create, discover and explore while gaining skills to become successful in life.

  APPLY NOW to join our TEAM!


Apply to be an ML or MLT for our Afterschool Drama Workshop Tuesdays &  Saturdays (all school year), Winter Break, March Break & Summer Camps!
 *Summer Coop Opportunities!

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