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Improv, Creativity & The Art of Speaking & Communicating Workshops

Become the best version of yourself to communicate and connect for personal and professional success.

Book a customizable workshop for your team, organization, or workplace to learn to speak,, listening and increase understanding and enhance relationships through communication arts. Gain confidence, learn strategies and tools to speak with clarity and strength, overcome fear, anxiety of public speaking and discover your voice through innovative interactive Dramatic Arts engagement.


Communication has never been as important as it is today. Gain tools and strategies to engage an audience, promote your products or brand.

Learn the importance of body language and how to present yourself to make the best impression. Follow proven strategies to combat nervousness, develop listening skills and command the room. 



AiDa is a community partner! 
Message us if you are interested for a customizable Workshop for 
your business, school, continuing education, or organization. 

NEW for Spring 2024! Creativity Workshop! Join us!

Build confidence, become a more effective communicator, overcome fear of public speaking through FUN innovative, interactive activities combining acting, public speaking, IMPROV, tools/strategies creating personal/professional success! For ages 18-100! Let your inner child come out to play! Starting April! Wednesdays at the Clubhouse!

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