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Creativity and Flow; A Journal of Ideas and Inspiration

by AiDa founder and owner, Kaime Woody Sherman.

"It's kinda fun doing the impossible!"-Walt Disney

"Creativity and Flow is a journal that you can use to jump start flow in your life through focusing on recording your inspiration and ideas. Everyone has a story. Our life journeys are filled with laughter, tears, challenges, and every emotion that make us human.

Challenge yourself! Take your pen and write your story! This is your very own, magical journey to reflect, on where you have been and where you are going. Become your own warrior and connect with your creative spirit! Be courageous, fierce, and authentic and it will lead you to your purpose! There is no one else on this planet like YOU! Discover, the GREATNESS WITHIN YOU!"

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Kaime Woody Sherman was destined to be a storyteller, change-maker and artist.

Born in Oklahoma, she spent her early childhood there and in Texas. Her family moved to Missouri, where she lived until university. Hungry for professional training, Kaime auditioned and was accepted at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Los Angeles. While attending The Academy, Kaime was mentored by Master Instructors, iconic trailblazers, working professionals and legends of the industry in Directing, Theater, Television and Film. After graduation, she married and moved to Ontario, Canada, where she served as a regional representative for The American Academy of Dramatic Arts for over 25 years while pursuing her own acting career and entrepreneurship.

Driven by her passion, love of family, community and outstanding commitment to excellence in the arts, she embraced her purpose, as Founder of Academy of Imagination & Dramatic Arts | AiDa, mission-driven arts education to inspire creative expression, self-discovery, arts appreciation and social change to lift the human spirit. Kaime is an award-winning arts innovator, community engaged thought leader, mentor and coach, creating and facilitating Acting Workshops, Seasonal Camps for kids, Youth Initiative: Mentor Leaders, and customizable Communication/Public Speaking Workshops for youth and adults personal and professional success.

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